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Drug Recovery PlansAddiction Recovery Facility Lexington provides people with the chance to make positive and life-altering modifications by helping them break free of addiction. Dependency can cause emotional, physical, monetary, and professional suffering; Addiction Treatment Centers in Lexington assists addicts in ending their struggling and assist them in reaching their goal of sobriety.  Although it’s not mandatory in all circumstances, detox programs are accessible to those that need them, and everybody has access to customized addiction treatment programs, group and individual therapy, healthy recreation and physical activities, and beautiful living facilities that mix the 24-hour supervision and care of inpatient accommodations with the affordability of outpatient programs.  For extra information about this amazing opportunity, call 859-412-2699 to talk to a knowledgeable and sympathetic addiction treatment expert.

The Dangers of Addiction

People often talk about dependency in terms of physiological and psychological addiction.  Both kinds are harmful penalties of substance abuse regardless of how often or much is used.  Physiological, or physical, dependence occurs when the body has adjusted to the drug by including it into “regular” body functions.  For instance, opiates like oxycodone replace the “feel good” chemical compounds within the brain, and when someone quits using oxycodone, they lose the power to create these neurochemicals.  Psychological dependence is an expected “need” for a drug because it causes pleasure.  People may be psychologically dependent on activities, such as self-harm, purchasing items, and gambling.  People can become psychologically and physiologically dependent on a couple of substances at once.

The Goals of Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

The goal of addiction treatment is to allow the addict to permanently give up drug use; Addiction Treatment in Lexington utilizes a staff of extremely knowledgeable specialists to supervise and guide the client through the rehabilitation process.  With rehab, clients will learn to acknowledge the psychological, financial, social, psychiatric, and legal penalties of drug and alcohol dependency.  Addiction Recovery Facility Lexington focuses on rehabilitation techniques that help their clients identify which situations cause these consequences, and then learn to avoid triggers to addiction.

Individualized Substance Abuse Treatments

Rehabilitation methods which might be extremely efficient for one group of people might not have a similar rate of success with a different group.  At Addiction Recovery Facility Lexington, educated, skilled specialists analyze each client’s addiction, personal scenario, and motivations in an effort to decide which treatment might be best.  Some common and extremely efficient therapies that clients might expect to participate in include cognitive-behavioral therapy, where they will learn to recognize, avoid, and cope with people and situations that may lead to a relapse, or family therapy, which seeks to support recovery by cultivating a constructive environment.  Other therapy methods utilize motivational incentives designed to inspire a change in environment and social groups in order to support abstinent behavior.

The First Step: Call Addiction Recovery Facility Lexington Now!

Don’t underestimate the worth of the decision to put an end to substance addiction.  Picking up the telephone is the initial step, and a crucial step, towards recovery.  Addiction recovery professionals can be reached twenty-four hours a day to address any questions about detox, prescribed drugs, alcohol, treatment center locations, or other rehab concerns; contact an addiction recovery expert at Addiction Treatment Lexington, Kentucky to take the first step towards recovery.  It is time to end addiction!  Nothing is more beneficial than a clean and happy future, so call Addiction Recovery Facility Lexington at 859-412-2699 now!